Introducting Panels

Online Registration and Instantaneous Delivery

After registering online, your panel will be immediately created and the login information (username and password) will be sent to you via email and SMS.

You can log in with the demo and password demo and see the detailed description for each section(Trial version)

The SMS tariff is 9% of the value added tax and, according to the 10-mile bill for the country, by the Islamic Consultative Assembly, this amount is added to each SMS.

Important Notes on User Panels:

The cost of unsubscribed SMS will be returned to the user account.

No charges are received from the user when receiving SMS.

The ability to receive accurate delivery reports in the system is available.

There is no limit to the number of SMS messages sent from the system.

The tariffs for each panel are fixed and will not be charged with any changes in the tariff.

Each user has a dedicated gift line, with the ability to send and receive. Therefore, sending a national card image is a must.

۹ Rand General Line is provided to the respected user for text messaging. These lines come from all five operators 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000 and 021.

 Users who upload more than 5 million SMS annually will have a special tariff on their panel.
 SMS tariffs are added to the 9% value added.
Also, 10 Rials of Parliament’s bill are added at time of submission.

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