Video marketing is designed to increase audience engagement through social activity around a specific video. In recent years, you may have noticed the abundance of videos on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media networks and it is no secret that people are more likely to click on a video and watch rather than read a post. In today’s internet-filled world it is very important that you add video marketing to your integrated marketing communications plan if you want to grow your small business and keep up with competitors. Below we have listed four reasons why your business needs a video marketing strategy.

Initiates a Conversation

 Videos can be used to relay any type of information. If done right, creating a promotional video for your company/brand will start conversations amongst viewers. When creating video content, quality, video length, the message, and audio are all important factors. If you want to have high levels of engagement you want to make sure your video is not too long yet gets the point across. The video should be recorded in high definition and should be entertaining and informative, to catch the viewers attention and have them remember it.

Increased Engagement

 Video content increases engagement through social shares and clicks. If the video is engaging, it is an effective way to get people to share it with their friends. When posting your video content, make sure to include social media share buttons to encourage viewers to share.

Brings personality/humanizes your brand

 Creating video content is a great way for your brand to showcase its image. Plain text and pictures may be informative but video allows your brand to put a face to the service or products you are providing. It is much easier to create a connection and evoke emotions with your audience through video footage with words than it is through a picture or text.

Videos showcase products or services better

 With a great quality video, you will be able to illustrate and explain your product/service better – this builds trust. Instead of lengthy captions describing the service or product you can have a quick 30 to 60-second video that will quickly inform the viewer/prospective customer.

Video marketing is both efficient and convenient and provides marketers with a versatile medium to reach their audience and customers. Although creating good quality and informative videos may sound overwhelming and time-consuming, its benefits are definitely worth it!

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