Cloud Voice Phone Service

We help you develop your business and better manage your customer relationships by providing smart phone services and virtual office without the need for hardware in the easiest and fastest way.

No need for technical knowledge

Quick startup

Permanent and free support

The Best Way to Control The Quality of Service and Customer Support

Some Features of VoIP Phone

Advanced Admin Panel and Reports
With the admin panel, you have control over everything. View detailed reports of calls, operators’ activities, customer information and all are provided for you in the admin panel.

Quick and Easy Setup
If you are looking to save money, time and customer satisfaction, by installing IVR, you can manage the phone services of your company and organization professionally and without the need for any hardware.

Cloud Phone System Features You Need to Know

Dedicated Telephone Line

The internet phone number will be legally and officially purchased and registered for you.

Incoming / Outgoing Calls

Ability to make incoming and outgoing calls with your internet number

Set Work Shifts

You can manage calls outside of business hours and direct them to any destination

Call Reports

Accurate and complete report of your calls with advanced search and output capabilities

Build multi-Level Menus

Ability to create call menus up to three levels to better guide the user to the relevant operator

Answering Machine

Broadcast a welcome message and guide customers to the desired section

Customer Club

Ability to view detailed reports and manage customers who have contacted you

Contact Line

Ability to create contact queues for customers and connect to the first available operator

Telephone Survey

Ability to receive user comments and ratings after the end of the call

Online Settings

Ability to manage extensions and calls through the “My Phone” online management panel

Simultaneous Calls

By adding a channel, it is possible to answer several calls at the same time by different operators

Define and Manage Internals

Ability to define and manage different internals and operators for your organization

Record Conversations

You can record and save all conversations or conversations of a specific extension

Audio box

Ability to receive voice messages and save them in your user panel

And Even More!

We are developing our services and facilities on a daily basis. We welcome your suggestions

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