ParsDatam is one of the most prominent design companies in Iran that offers website design services, site optimization and internet marketing in line with the technology of the day.

history of the company

Pars Andishan Company Generation of Datam has started its business in 2011 in the Alborz province of Karaj, with the registration number 22260 and in 2012, with the new team and adopting new Internet marketing strategies, we are determined to provide a distinctive service to our distinguished customers in the industries and businesses.

The main focus of the company’s activities is on the three axes of website design, website optimization and internet marketing which are planned and organized in a set to be able to meet a huge part of the demand for a specialized website design market, website optimization and internet marketing.


Providing specialized, optimized and continuous services in the field of information technology and web systems that, on the one hand, satisfies the needs and desires of Iranian companies and companies in the best possible way and on the other hand, it is in tune with the technological developments.

Company Goals

  • Applying the latest technology in the design of the site the design of the site
  • Applying the latest solutions for optimizing your website, increasing site traffic and promoting ranking in search engines.
  • Providing various consultancy and services in the field of Internet marketing, Internet advertising and sales through the Internet
  • Active participation in the implementation of projects in the field of design and production of Web applications
  • Continuous promotion of the scientific level and technical ability of the company to carry out national and international projects

ParsDatam Policy

  • Creating confidence and satisfying customers
  • Promotion of customer know-how through counseling and training
  • Continuous promotion of quality and variety of services
  • Upgrading the skills, abilities and knowledge of the company’s human resources
  • Increasing the level of participation and the spirit of cooperation of the staff of the company
  • Strengthening customer-oriented morale at all stages of work
  • Providing web technologies on business applications such as increased sales of customer products and services
  • Our policy is based on human dignity, mutual trust and targeted group work we are always trying to compete, test, reevaluate and improve our professional standards.