Do you know Online Store Maker !?

The First Market Maker With The Ability To Provide Online Traffic In A Dedicated Mobile App

Our product is an integrated system for creating an online shopping mall, includes an online passage site, a dedicated mobile app and a professional control panel for managing subset stores.

After registering in the Online Store Maker, you get a professional and easy control panel where you can create a store user (professional store version) for each store in the shopping mall. Then assign the username and password information to the stores you created in the system so they can import their store information including product categories, product gallery, newsletters, special offers, auctions and more through their admin panel to be displayed on the site and app shopping center on their own page. Site users and apps can easily navigate through your subset stores, search for and order products.


In your admin panel, which is provided by Online Store Maker , you can:

  • Define business parts for shopping malls and passages. Like: First Commercial, Second Commercial, Ground Floor…
  • Define the category of subset store types. Such as: cosmetic stores, boutiques, goldsmiths, mobile stores and more.
  • Create an account for each store in the shopping mall and place it in the relevant business section and storehouse.
  • Set your policies to prioritize the order of displaying stores and their products in the list of stores and products on the site and app.
  • Manage online auction and sales festivals section the products of the subset stores on the main pages of the site and the app.
  • Set up direct and indirect bank ports for each store, for each store, assign an account to your customers for SMS and e-mail system.
  • Add unlimited menu and content to the site and app, place the gallery of various sections of the shopping center on the site and app.
  • If subscriber manager wants, create a dedicated site for them with a dedicated domain and a mobile app.
  • Get instant info about the number and time of installing the app and information on the models of phones that are installed on the mobile software store.

On the website and proprietary shopping center developed by Online Store Maker, customers can:

  • Find your products and requirements among all the products in our subscription collections.
  • View the dedicated page of each store, which includes store information, store product gallery, and more.
  • Check out festivals, discounts, and store auctions, subscribe to the newsletter of the shopping mall and passage.
  • Specifications, gallery of images and videos of the products of each store, compare products, choose the products you need, add to cart and finally, make a full payment by choosing a payment method like paying your bills or paying online or paying your installments.
  • Contact the store to review the product page.

The apps that are created with Online Store Makerare native,

They are of high quality and fastest, and include the standards of mobile markets such as the cafe Bazar.


Websites that are created with the Online Store Maker are responsive and mobile-friendly,

For search engines, they are optimal and look good and user-friendly.