DV Wildcard SSL certificate

  • Description
  • Comodo for a domain (other than ir)
  • yearly(Toman): 158,000

DV Wildcard SSL certificate

  • Description
  • Certum for an address (Appropriate for domains and)
  • yearly(Toman): 242,000

DV Wildcard SSL certificate

  • Description
  • Certum for a domain and its subdomains (Appropriate for ir)
  • yearly(Toman): 855,000

DV Wildcard SSL certificate

  • Description
  • Comodo for an domain and subdomains (Other than ir)
  • yearly(Toman) : 740,000
To apply for or upgrade any of the above items, transfer the related amount to the company account number, and then enter the payment information “Payment Order” in the form.

An SSL certificate is used to secure communication between the user and the site server. This certification with encryption of information increases the security and makes it impossible to attack the communication content between the user and the server.

The impact of using SSL on your website:

* Increase site security using encryption

* Increasing the confidence level of the site between users

* Possibility to receive two-star electronic trust symbol

* Improve your website ranking on Google

pay attention:

* The certificate issuing authority randomly selects some orders for additional checking, if your order is selected for review, the process of delivery of the certificate will be delayed.

* Before you buy a certificate, you must create a CSR at your hosting company.

* Make sure that your domain’s Whois information is correct before ordering.

* PositiveSSL certificate from Comodo is not available for ir domains and general domains, which include words like persia and iran.

* Obtaining EV and OV certificates requires company documents translated into English.

Common Questions:

۱- Does using an SSL certificate create a special advantage for my website?

Security in Internet businesses is one of the most important and most important concepts. Users are given special attention to the security of their information and prefer to secure their products and services from their secure websites. In addition, web site ranking is also an issue of importance for business owners; The higher your website’s rating, the more users can see them and the percentage of yours. These two are important things that are provided by your SSL certificate.

۲- Will the SSL certificate for my subdomains also be activated?

Certificates of the DV Wildcard type will allow you to do so.

۳- What is the Difference between DV and OV Certificates?

In the DV certificate, only the domain owner’s identity is checked and verified by email, and there are no other verification and authentication verification steps. This certificate has a very low cost, and it is also low on the credit.

In the OV certificate, the legal entity requesting the SSL certificate is fully validated. This type of certificate has a high export charge, and it is equally valid.