* The support service includes bug fixes created on the site and the app and tips for updating and maintaining the site.

* Support services do not include structural changes in the system, modules, and programming.

* Support services include doing edits or inserting content and menus, and not new on the site. (To change the content or insert a new entry, the cost is calculated separately)

* At support levels 2, 3 and vip, if you want to receive system updates, you must submit your request at any time through the Ticket.

* Every working day is 8 hours (For example, the order of 12 hours is 1/5 working days)

* Trained for 3 hours free of charge at all levels of support.

* The initial training of the system through the Telegram is provided by the support department for 5 days and free of charge at all levels of support.

To apply for or upgrade any of the above, pay the relevant fee through the “Payment Order” form and then submit it via the ticketing system.