Need to send targeted bulk sms?

Do not want to join and receive a panel?

If you want to send a large number of SMS messages, you can send SMS messages without buying SMS.

In this case, you will receive a payout order for each time. It is recommended if you need to send it on a regular basis, buy a SMS panel personally but if your number of posts is not numerous and, for example, one or more times, you can send a bulk message to your specified number.

Bulk SMS Tips::

  • The following SMS tariffs will be added to each SMS by 9% of the value added tax, and according to the 10-Rial rate of the national SMS sent by the Islamic Consultative Assembly.
  • The above tariffs are for sending an SMS (70 characters for Persian SMS and 160 characters for English SMS).
  • In case of long SMS, the tariff will be multiplied by the amount of SMS.
  • It’s not possible to send bulk under 100,000 SMS. For such a submission, use Pars DATAM User Panels.

Types of bulk sending methods

Send SMS to city numbers
In this way, your promotional SMS will be sent in the shortest possible time and online to the permanent or credit card number of the city you are looking for. Also, the SMS message is only sent to the city’s active phones and all incoming and outgoing messages are available to you.
Send SMS to a specific number
In this way, an SMS is sent to the mobile number that has been selected by the customer with a specific number. Pre-selected customer numbers can be the mobile numbers of the Hamrahe Aval (permanent and credit) and IRANCELL (permanent and credit) companions.
Send regional texting
In this way, the SMS text message is sent to the mobile number of a particular area. In this case, the customer will pay only the advertising costs in the area.
Send SMS in ZIP code
In this way, an SMS message is sent to the list of customer-specific postcodes. You can also send a text message to postcodes with a special number. Individuals receive SMS messages that specify their full postal address when they purchase the SIM card. (This type of SMS is sent with a factor of 1. 3)
Send SMS to business owners and guilds
In this way, Pars Datam sends a customer SMS message to the list of mobile numbers of the business owners and their guilds. The Bank of Business and Guilds used in Pars Datam is used to date the most up-to-date numbers and can be sent by category, city and province of the customer.