Delivery User App

With the app’s courier users using this app, the process of sending and delivering orders to the customer is done faster, more accurately and safely. In this app, courier users receive notifications (notifications) on their handsets, are quickly informed of their referral tasks and travel details, and with accurate routing they can deliver the customer to the customer’s address faster. Features of this app include: Seeing to-do list, viewing and managing trips, setting up courier status (available, out of reach), displaying your position and navigating customer’s position on the map, adjusting order delivery status, sending and receiving messages To the store manager.

Courier User Application Features Guide

One way of delivering goods to customers on shopping sites is through courier delivery. We have a live gallery system that allows the administrator or store operator to forward orders to the courier user after order confirmation, so that the courier user can manage and organize orders after logging into their app. And using the features available in the “Courier User Application” to deliver products faster and deliver better quality customer service to improve customer service quality.


The Gallery Gallery Live App starts with the app’s login page. A courier user who is administratively defined, approved and enabled can log in to the courier application using their username and password.

Store Username:

Enter your store username.


User Name:

Enter the courier username defined by the admin in the Live Gallery admin panel.



Enter the password defined by the admin in the Live Gallery admin panel.

Courier App Homepage

Once logged in, the courier user can announce their availability and inaccessibility on the homepage by activating one of the “available” and “out of access” options.

Availability: In this way, the courier user declares his readiness and availability to accept and send an order to the customer, indicating that in the store panel, the status of the courier user for the administrator is displayed “ready to serve”.

Unavailability: In this way, the courier user notifies the administrator, who is not able to send the order to the customer, which is displayed in the store panel, the courier user status for the administrator, “out of service”.

My Position

The courier user can use this feature to connect directly to the Google Map and be informed of their current location.

Location Finder

With this feature, the courier user can navigate directly to your phone’s location settings and enable or disable your location finder.

Location on Map:

If touched on the position icon on the map, the courier user can see the route between his position and the customer from the map and follow it to deliver the order to the customer.

Mission Status:

The user can change their mission status to one of three other modes (delivered, not found, returned) depending on the order being delivered.

My Duties

In this section, the courier user can see the order list must be delivered to the customer. By clicking on any of these orders, you will be redirected to the task details page. The task details show the information the courier should be notified of (shipping address, order details, map position, product information and mission status).

List of Trips

By clicking on the list of trips, the courier user can view the list of their missions and place an order if the order is not delivered.

Show Customer Position:

The courier user can access the customer’s position on the map by clicking on the position icon and easily deliver the order by following the customer’s destination.

Show Task Details:

By clicking on each mission, the user can view the task details page.

Messages: By using this section, the courier user can communicate with the store administrator by sending a ticket.


Send New Ticket: The courier user must touch the “Send New Ticket” button to send a ticket and complete the relevant fields and finally click the Send button.


All tickets sent by the courier user will be sent to the mailbox in the admin panel.

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